Monday, December 14, 2009

The big move

Blogger has been BBC's home for almost two years now.  All good things come to an end and all that jazz...We've decided to move to WordPress in order to bring you more fabulous posts:

Sadly, there will no longer be posts on Blogger from here on, so if you're a subscriber, would you be a dear and resubcribe:

See you on the other side!

Photo source: Etsy

Mix and Match

There are certain foods to which we're addicted, and of which we simply cannot get enough. Tomato soup is definitely up there for me. And I love that Crema in Harvard Square has such tasty soups in general because whenever I go there, I end up running into someone whose picture I take for the blog.

We took this picture on the one warm day we had last week. When Emma walked in, I was waiting for my soup. I could see the skirt peeking out from under her coat. Emma ended up sitting outside, and I was so happy to see her with her coat off.

I do hope Emma inspires you to mix patterns. I'm already thinking of how I can spice up my uniform!

The sweater and skirt are from Anthropologie.


Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Winter uniform

With all the mild weather, I haven’t had to bust out my winter uniform. Our last mini snow storm has made me hurry a slight bit. By February, I am low on inspiration and have little creativity for cool outfits. This is why I rely on tried and true favorites---uniforms if you will---that always work and always lift my spirits. In some ways all these photos follow my uniform.

Great boots. I have the following pairs in rotation: Wellies (for the snow), black riding boots, brown boots, and a pair in bubble gum pink. A new pair might be in my future come sale season. Perhaps grey? Purple? Cranberry?

Mix patterns. This one is from Ms. dreamecho.
Accessorize. In my book, my coat counts as an accessory. So do my scarves, a headband/scarf, a significant other, lipstick, hats, gloves...

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Monday, December 7, 2009

Back to black: Cambridge and Boston

I first realized that I wore too much black when an aunt took me aside to say, "Cherie, it's been three years since grandma died. You no longer have to be in mourning."

The second time was when a cousin was looking through my closet and said, "Damn, Tini. Why do you have so many black clothes? Ever heard of color?"

So since then, I've diversified my wardrobe a bit. I made tentative steps, and included grey, blue, brown and even camel in my wardrobe.  Then ruby, salmon, emerald, raspberry, turquoise, chartreuse....I loooove color now and tend to mix them liberally--jewel tones in particular. Despite my love of color, though, I tend to default to black and white at times...sometimes, the simplicity of those colors call to me.

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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Jackets required: Boston

I'm digging Scout's gray jacket. Sometimes they make all the difference.


Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Sneakers and Bodega: Cambridge

Meet Oliver of Bodega. Last year I bought a pair of skateboarding sneakers. Oh, how I love 'em. I'll say that I rocked them but apparently it has all been in my mind. You see, each time my sister sees me in them she either says or gives me the look that means: those kicks just don't work.

Sometimes she's right other times I don't listen. The other day, I was trying to create a laid back "I'm not trying, but don't I look great outfit" when she stopped me.

"Those sneakers don't work on you! You need to give it up already."

Mind you, she wasn't exasperated, but firm. I concede her point on that outfit. The problem is that I'm not a quitter. I refuse to give up on my beloved sneakers, even if I have to squirrel them away and wait until I'm 72 to make them work. I'm no quitter!

What about you, have you ever worn something you were convinced was spot on, when in reality, it was just off?