Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Some looks from Copenhagen Street Style

All three of these looks are the works of Copenhagen Street Style. I like the whimsy in each of these outfits. Søren has a keen eye as a photographer. He uses a D700; I definitely have camera envy

So here's how it went. Imagine you decide to start playing soccer. You hear that there are few good soccer players out there and you want to meet with one of them. By chance, you're going to be in the same location as say, David Beckham. You think, oh, well, I should contact this Beckham guy. Maybe he could give me some pointers. You email him, and he responds saying, sure, when you get in town, let's meet up.

Søren and Jenny were great. Stylish as one would expect and very down to earth. They showed me around their favorite haunts. Since they work as a team, it was great to hear their point of view, marketing strategies, and strategies for style hunting. Watch out Barcelona and Paris! CPH is edging up there as one of my favorite cities.



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