Saturday, August 2, 2008

Achilles and Persephone

The Achilles Project had a Shopping Under The Influence Party last night. Cocktail? Oh, yes please. Everything in the store is 50% off (the sale goes on until next week). I should mention that the lovely blogger of dreamecho invited me, and I jumped at the occasion because the girls of New Brahmin were going to be there. Rather than read WWD, the WSJ, NY Times and loads of other fashion outlets everyday, it’s simply easier to get my daily dose of fashion news from New Brahmin. Oh, There was a bit of juice on the site about Tim Gunn…

I’m a big fan of Chef Micheal Leviton who opened Persephone in the same space, so more reason to go out on a Thursday night. His food at Lumière is so clean and oh so good. Then there’s the Boutique of the Achilles Project. I’ve been wanting to take a closer look of Filippa K’s line. Darn, I should have taken pictures of my favorite pieces to show you.

You’re wondering: what did you buy? Nothing. Absolutely nothing! This girl here, has decided to be fiscally disciplined. Temptation is everywhere though, especially since I write the BBC. Alas, I WILL NOT venture into the dark side! The price of everything has gone up lately. My beloved brand of peanut butter alone has gone up by $ 0.95. Not a big deal you think, but you don’t know how much peanut butter I eat. Times like this I wish I were independently wealthy. Daddy Warbucks, where are you?

Hope you enjoy the pics.

The lovely ladies of New Brahmin: Callista (on left) is wearing a No. 6 dress and Liane in Jovovich-Hawk dress the sandals are Ralph Lauren (on right).

DJ Braun Johnson.
Vest-Johan by J. Lindeberg. The scarf is Hermes...Lovely scarf.

Jacket by Filippa K; shoes United Colors of Beneton. He was just trying on the jacket. I and some others insisted he purchase it. He bought it.

Dress vintage (her mother's); sandals Old Navy.

Don't know who the girl on the left is, but coveted her suit all night long.
Adrienne in Opening Ceremonies jumper.


Anonymous Liz B. said...

randomly came across this blog...yes, perusing the web at work.

anyway, i was pleasantly surprised to discover that i am "the girl on the left" with the suit you coveted! my name's liz. the suit is bcbg :) i came away from the evening with some awesome jovovich-hawk black shorts, too!

September 24, 2008 at 10:51 AM  

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