Friday, May 16, 2008

Group shot at the ballet

In college, a dancer friend and I would queue for rush tickets at the ballet. Years later, I attend almost every show. Last night's performance, Three Masterpieces, was indescribably riveting. Boston Ballet’s, Artistic Director Mikko Nissinen (the sole man in the picture above) describes Three Masterpieces as “a beautiful collection of works by three ultimate masters of choreography [Balanchine, Antony Tudar and Twyla Tharp] each in a distinctly different, yet American style.”

All I’ve got to say is, wow! I didn’t want the Twyla Tharp piece, In the Upper Room, to end. The audience was on their feet as soon as the curtain rolled down. What a night! I enjoyed it so much that I’d see the show again. You should too, even if you don’t like the ballet or dance, this show is pure magic and runs through Sunday, May 18.

I liked Talia’s bold print dress (second from the right) and followed her out after the Tudor piece. I’m always hesitant about going up to random strangers to ask to take their picture. I’m just glad I didn’t chicken out this time. I met Talia’s kind friends and got to meet Mikko in the process. Not a bad night.


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