Saturday, April 26, 2008

Some club on S. Peters...New Orleans, LA

Fun in NOLA has a way of sneaking up on you. At dinner the night I took this picture I had a scorpion bowl sized drink. No, I didn't order a drink that size, but I guess that's how they come in NOLA. It tasted sweet and fruity with almost no alcohol...or so I thought. Despite having paced myself with water and another two beers over the next four hours of dancing let's just say the pain I experienced the next day made me promise not to drink ever again.

So we're in line at a club on S. Peters looking to dance, and we see the gentleman above. I grin. He was obviously a VIP, so he went in while we had to wait in line. I would see him later in the club, but then would lose him. But as we were heading out for the night there he was right in my path.

This look, and I'll be posting others, always seems put together. These guys obviously had to think about their outfits. Their sneakers match their pants which matches their shirts AND there's sometimes a bit of bling. In short they look pulled together.

I still hesitate on approaching people, but it's amazing how a few drinks and a camera will give you a boost of confidence. It was loud in the club, so I didn't get to chat him up. I wanted to step outside, but he said, let's do it here (my silly self wanted to giggle and say, oh shucks, not in front of all these people).



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