Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Tania writes back....

Yea! Tania wrote us back. Scroll down for her picture at Starbucks.

"Hi. i'm not really sure how i put together that outfit! I guess i just chose one thing i wanted to wear and chose other things that would look good with it. i don't know! Sometimes i just throw together stuff. i usually wear pants like that so i knew the pants i just had to figure out what shirt to wear. A while ago i cut holes for my thumbs on the blue shirt that i wore underneath a t-shirt. i adjusted the holes with safty pins. The sneakers are like my only and i usually wear that jacket so most of it was just same old-same old. But I've never combined that t-shirt with that shirt. Then there's tha hair-dye...but that's another story.
P.S. I've also designed some stuff."


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