Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Bruce on Dartmouth: Boston

Some days I wake up with a need to dress with attitude. I have a statement to make, not to the world, but more of an expression of how I’m feeling. When I wake up feeling repressed (usually a result of feeling overwhelmed by a busy work/school schedule). What follows is usually an outfit that’s very close to what my 5th grade teacher, Sister O. would wear. I usually wear inimal jewelry, nude make-up, glasses, a messy Afro, and killer shoes that maybe a nun with racy extracurricular activities would wear. Then there are days where my love of the outdoors inspires me to integrate cargo pants or my Birkenstocks for a fashion-forward look.

And sometimes, I wake up feeling like a rebel. Usually that’s when my studded accessories and leather come out to be integrated in (I hope) unexpected ways.

Looking at this picture of the very handsome Bruce has my mind spinning. His use of accessories have a high impact, are well selected and minimal. Then there are the studs. So glad they are all over the place this season since I love studs, especially paired with my "repressed" outfits.

Bruce has me thinking that my rebel looks needs to include driving gloves. Green driving gloves, as I recently found at Salmagundi, in JP. I can see that look now, loose black jeans, my checkered vans, a slouchy white t-shirt, my red studded leather bracelet, combined perhaps with vintage jewelry (maybe something with metal flowers), and green driving gloves!

I’m so inspired! Thanks, Bruce!



Anonymous Blank Blog said...

hmm. interesting to hear why people choose to dress the way they do. at first glance, i see Kanye-wannabe or emo-rockstar.

very intriguing to hear what the wearer has to say about his outfit, rather than just listen to what my mind tells me.

August 30, 2009 at 3:45 AM  

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