Wednesday, July 9, 2008

The Löw down

Germany didn’t win the European World Cup, but their coach, Joachim Löw stood out not only for bringing his team to the finals but also for his fashionable white shirts. I admit, I was rooting for Spain.

I’m not the only one who noticed coach Löw’s fashionable ways. There I was in the North End watching the Germany/Portugal game eating fresh Pizzeria Regina pizza drinking some wine and these guys are totally enraptured when I start talking about the darts in Löw’s shirts. Were his shirts specifically tailored for him? We’re they Gucci, Versace? It didn’t seem likely that a German coach would wear Italian designers, but my male friends had no answers. They simply liked the coach’s shirts.

My research didn’t bring me any closer to the truth. That is until I talked with a German friend over a fabulous BBQ hosted by my debonair friend, Alex. My German friend Isa explained that when she was home in Germany, her boyfriend dragged her to all of Strenesse’s stores in search of Löw shirts. You see, Strenesse outfits the national German football team. Just like the Brooks Brothers Non-Iron Shirts went on back order, once they were mentioned on Oprah, the Strenesse coach shirts have been sold out. This is to say that Isa’s boyfriend and probably quite a few Germans are still waiting to get their own Strenesse shirt.

Some men look like waiters in a simple black pants and white shirts. Some waiters look stylish and sexy in a simple white shirt. Simply, it all comes down to style. Löw’s got plenty of it.

Picture 1 and 3: Google image
picture 2: Guardian UK


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