Monday, June 9, 2008

Shop to save

It finally feels like summer, and though my posts should focus on fun summer ensembles rather than trench coats, I want to remind you it's time to shop for winter. Yes, yes, who wants to think about winter when it's so hot. Here's the thing, I'm on a budget that forces me to be increasingly creative in repurposing the pieces that I currently own. When I have to do major wardrobe updates, I buy off season (think summer clothes in the fall; winter clothes in late spring/summer). Now, is the perfect time to shop for long underwear, coats, cashmere and other winter trappings.

Pure tomfoolery you say, well, I got my LLBean coat for 40 greenbacks and my DKNY tweed coat for 120. If that doesn't impress you, think 40% off Ferragamo boots, or think affordable Bally shoes. Come winter, you won't be wearing the latest "it" item, but by now I hope you've realized that style transcends fads.

Just a little sumthin sumthin to ponder.


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